"Hi, I got the pedal yesterday but only got to try it today. Good stuff! Thanks man, exactly what I wanted. I dug the 0001 serial number too ha!"
Cheers, Luis TGC-1V+ Remote Controlled Volume Switch

"I plugged in today. It sounds awesome! Couldn't be any better. The tone is so perfect, I really love this thing!"
Thanks, Taylor Budda Champion Custom Switching System

"Ok, I finally got to do a full test with a bunch of different gear. It works just as advertised, and I am very happy! The loops are awesome, and the amp switching works great with either or both amps plugged in."
Marcos Custom RG Rack Switcher/Looper

"I tried out the looper today. I have an ADA MP-1 and MP-2 preamps that I like to switch between on the fly and the looper works perfectly for this. Absolutely seemless switching - I love it! I use the Amp Control switch capability in my Boss GT-10 which gives me full programability for seemless interaction with my effects and sound presets. I tried all this in the past with analog a/b switches but it was a noisy mess. Thanks so much for this dream solution. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I'll be happy to recommend your services to anyone."
Thanks, David TapDance True Bypass Looper

"I'll definately recommend your business to my fellow musicians. It's just great there are pioneers such as yourself in the pedal business!"
Have a nice Weekend, Jorma TGC-1+ Remote True Bypass Looper

"I just got the switcher, opened it up, and plugged it in immediately. And it works simply flawlessly! Exactly as it should. I'm glad you used the same color LEDs for each channel that the amp uses, and they're set up correctly, left to right, as the channels are on the amp. I'm extremely please with the switcher, as it is exactly what you described, and as I expected. And your great communication with me is much appreciated as well. If I need other switchers or loopers in the future, I will certainly come to you."
Thanks again! -Bruce Cullom FS-5J Footswitch

"I received my looper yesterday in the mail, nicely built!. finally somthing made to be stepped on. Thanks for the updates, your communication skills make all the difference through the ordering process. I look forward to dealing with you on any future endevours....I'll be recomending you to my friends too."
Thanks again - Kevin JCM Looper Amp Footswitch/True Bypass Looper