The Pure A/B/Y+™ is our premium 2 channel guitar splitter, featuring remote control and isolated outputs, as well as ground lift and phase reverse switches on output B.

In order to achieve a clean split, you need a buffer. We make one of the best sounding buffers around and it's inside the Pure A/B/Y+™.

The 1/4" remote control jack allows you to leave this pedal close to your amps with short cables for the best tone and then run a long footswitch cable remotely for the best control. A real solution for multi-amp touring guitarists around the world!

Built with PRIDE in the U.S.A.

  • 1/4" Remote control jack allowing remote switching and preset capability when combined with a midi looper like our own Loopzilla™ or forthcoming Rig Switch™.

  • 100% Mechanical True Bypass Switching is done via GOLD plated relays sealed in nitrogen, The purest signal path you will find in a pedal. We've also included our Clean-switch technology, insuring silent switching.

  • 1/4" isolated SW Out jack allows you to switch an amp channel or control a product like our TGC-2™ at the same time for the ultimate in flexibility

  • Can be mounted underneath your pedalboard or in the back of a rack case, saving space

  • Hand assembled in the U.S.A. with PRIDE!

  • 1 year Limited Warranty

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!