Remote Controlled A/B Box with isolated grounds

For the guitarist who wants to switch one guitar between 2 amps but never both together without sacrificing tone.

The Pure A/B+™ has isolated grounds meaning no crosstalk or hum between your amps.

Our Clean-Switch™ remote switching gives you silent switching either via the local switch, or from a latching remote switch. The addition of isolated grounds and DC out make this the ultimate affordable A/B box available today.

There are no components in the signal path to degrade your sound.

Switching is done with audiophile grade gold plated relays.

Hear the cleanliness of the Pure A/B+™ today!

  • 100% Passive signal path with no components in the signal path to degrade your sound

  • 1/4" Remote control thanks to our Clean-Switch™ switching system which utilizes gold plated relays for the purest signal

  • Isolated grounds means no crosstalk or hum between your amps

  • All of our products feature Neutrik® Jacks and the
    best components available for the job

  • The output that is not in use is muted as it should be, keeping
    your rigs as quiet as possible

  • Can be mounted underneath your pedal-board or in the back
    of a rack case, thanks to the remote control feature, saving space

  • Hand built in the U.S.A. with PRIDE

  • 1 year Limited Warranty
Fig. 1 Standalone
Figure 2. TS-1FS remote switch added
Fig. 1 Pure A/B+ controlled with presets via a Behringer FCB-1010

The Pure A/B+ used with a Fender Bassman amp which has inverted phase on one channel