Take control of your Blackstar™ Amp with the HT Amp Interface™ from Champion Pedals!

With the HT Amp Interface™ and a product like our Rig Switch™, Loopzilla™, Or a competitor's product like the Carl Martin Octaswitch 2®, Voodoo Labs GCX Guitar Switcher®, TC Electronics GSystem®, GMajor2® or Behringer FCB1010® you gain the ability to program your Blackstar® HT Series amp channel selection into presets along with your other gear.

Why step on your stock footswitch to change the amp, and THEN step on another pedal to change your other settings when you can do it all with 1 button? Let the HT Amp Interface™ simplify your playing!

Works with the Blackstar® Venue series amps with the 9 pin connector.

Built in the USA with pride
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  • The three channel Switching 1/4" jacks are compatible with either latching or momentary switching Via Tip to Sleeve, while the fourth 1/4" reverb switch must be a momentary signal

  • Jack 1 (TRS) and Jack 2 (TS) are internally half normalled as are Jacks 3 (TRS) and 4 (TS), allowing smart control of all 4 channels with either 2 TRS cables, or 4 mono guitar cables

  • The Leds are powered by the amp through the footswitch cable

  • 9 pin D-Sub connector works with your stock footswitch cable

  • Beautiful and durable powdercoat finish can take a beating.

  • Hand assembled in the U.S.A with PRIDE!

  • 1 year Limited Warranty

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!