6 Channel True Bypass Looper System

The Büddha Champion is a 6 channel rack-mount True Bypass Looper and footswitch system from Champion Pedals allows that you to silently remote switch 6 separate effects pedals or entire chains of effects in and out of your signal path in front of your amp AND in your amplifiers effects loop while maintaining the best signal clarity.

The included BFS foot-switch includes an Led for each channel as well as a DC jack that provides power from your rack to your pedal-board and back. This can solve many issues in an elegant manner.

Recording studios love the ability to patch in effects as needed remotely, keeping the signal path as short and pure as possible.

The Büddha Champion True Bypass Loop system is handmade in the USA with PRIDE.

Leave your rig in the hands of the Büddha!!

  • 6 independent, remotely controlled true bypass loops connected in series controlled via the included BFS 6 button foot-switch

  • 100% Mechanical True Bypass via GOLD plated relays sealed in nitrogen, The purest signal path you will find in an effects system, Switches both your fx pedals AND their wires

  • Featuring Champion Pedal's exclusive CleanSwitch™ Silent Switching System. Loops are muted when bypassed to silence quiet high gain and noisy effects

  • Our transparent and clean Pure Buff™ buffer is available on the front panel input and bypassed on the rear input for use with wireless systems

  • Loops are internally normalled allowing seamless use with an empty loop

  • Choose from either 4 Loops in front of your amp, 2 in the FX loop of your amp or 2 Loops in front of the amp, 4 loops in the FX loop or 6 loops in front or 6 loops in the loop of your amp with the press of a button

  • Hand assembled in the U.S.A. with PRIDE!

  • 1 year Limited Warranty

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!