Feb 2015
The Tap Dance Remote 2 loop true bypass looper gives you a lot of power in a small space. Mount it either on or under your pedalboard, or inside your rack and control it remotely from the stage!

$110 +Shipping


Ben Shepherd from Soundgarden is using our Tap Dance™ & TGC-1™ remote true bypass loopers on tour to control his dual Mesa-Boogie® Distortion pedals. The Tap Dance™ allows him to toggle between the 2 distortions with 1 button press, while the TGC-1™ allows him to bypass both. The pedals live in his rack and they are controlled remotely from his pedalboard.

We are going to release the all new "Rig Switch" soon.

It is a 6 loop, 4 amp switch pedal in a fairly compact footprint for a great price!

Stay tuned!